Ford partners with geocoding startup what3words

Ford is partnering with what3words to give motorists access to the startup’s novel addressing system.

Under the partnership, motorists will be able to connect to the free what3words app — on an iOS or Android invention — to their vehicle via their SYNC 3 infotainment platform. Operators can find the three-word address on website contact sheets, guidebooks and business cards. Drivers can participate the addresses via articulation or text input and receive tendencies through the vehicle’s sailing system.

The startup, founded in 2013, has partitioned the entire world into 57 trillion 3-by-3 rhythm squares and allocated three names to each one. Customers of the what3words app, which is available in 26 conversations, approved by logistics, movement, automotive and humanitarian organizations because it caters exact locatings anywhere in the world.

The system consumed by Lonely Planet, which has flattened out three-word domiciles for each of its itemizes, as well as Mercedes-Benz, ride-hailing app Cabify, the UN, Red Cross and TomTom.

The startup is also well captivated an interesting mixture of investors, very recently Sony’s venture capital forearm. And last year, Daimlertook a 10 percentage stake in what3words, following an announcement in 2017 to integrate the addressing structure into Mercedes’ new infotainment and navigation organisation — called the Mercedes-Benz User Experience, or MBUX. MBUX was put in the latest Mercedes -AClass and B-Class autoes and Sprinter commercial vehicles.

” We are more mobile than ever before, but with that comes its challenges. The flourishing traction that what3words is gaining within the automobility industry is an illustration to how we are improving travels and customer ordeals ,” CEO and co-founder Chris Sheldrick said.

What3words were originally be available to Ford owneds in the U.K. and Ireland, Germany, Spain, the U.S. and Mexico. More marketplaces and conversations will follow subsequently in the year. The addressing organization can be downloaded free of charge on iOS and Android.

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