How to Repurpose Content (and Why it Matters)

There’s it was not necessary reinvent the wheel.

Ever heard that before? It’s superb admonition for virtually every errand, task, industry, and seek. If you have something that the project works, use it.

Build off it. Adapt it. There’s no need to start from nothing

And when it comes to your content sell, it’ll is not simply save you meter, but it can deliver large-scale, big-hearted results.

How so? By repurposing content you’ve previously created.

“Repurposing your material opens the doors to reaching more beings and express life back into old affixes that you know are well written and highly informative.”~ Elna Cain, Professional B2B Writer

29% of top marketers repurpose the most appropriate material, while 27% rostered creating enough tone material as their biggest challenge in a separate survey.

top content challenges for content marketers

Overall , not having enough time, the quality of their content, starting that content, scaling content creation, and producing impressions were the five largest most mentioned challenges facing the modern marketer.

The benefits of repurposing material? Those top five challenges are allayed and obligated easier.

You could brainstorm new ideas, conduct research, sketch, revise, polish, a/ b evaluation headlines and blurbs, publish, and promote a brand-new blog announce every few days…

Or you are able take an existing resource that’s previously a win, repurpose it, and promote, promote, promote.

Which one is just like the better utilization of your time?

What is Repurposing Content?

It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Repurposing content plainly wants taking an existing piece of content and using it in a new way for a brand-new audience.

Blog series to ebook, for example. Or infographic to video.

There’s no deficit of alterations you are able obligate. Marketers use a wide variety of channels, kinds, and formats for their content.

types of content used by b2c marketers

Videos, instances, infographics, ebooks, white papers, webinars, case contemplates, podcasts, plots, graph, blog poles, quizs, slide floors, reports, and on and on.

In fact, releasing aspect content as merely one type is really doing it and your public a disservice.

Why Should Your Website Repurpose Content?

To opens with , not everybody likes blogs. Or videos. Or white papers. Or infographics.

If you deplete hours, epoches, or weeks making something stunning, and you secrete it to the world as “just” a blog, many parties will never devote it a second look.