Mixmax launches IFTTT-like rules to help you manage your inbox

Mixmax, a service that aims to compile email and other outbound communications more usable and effective, today announced the government officials launching of its brand-new IFTTT-like rules for automating many of the most repetitive aspects of your daily email workflow.

On the one paw, this new feature is a bit like your criterion email filter on steroids( and with connections to third-party tools like Slack, Salesforce, DocuSign, Greenhouse and Pipedrive ). Thanks to this, you can now receive an SMS when a customer who depletes more than $5,000 a few months emails you, for example.

But rulers too can be triggered by any of the third-party services the company currently aids. Perhaps you want to send out a powwow remembrance based on your schedule records, for example. You can then lay out a rule that always emails a reminder a epoch before the see, together with all the standard info you’d want to send in that email.

” One room we think about Mixmax is that we want to do for externally facing crews and people who talk a lot of customers what GitHub did for engineering and what Slack did for internal unit communication ,” Mixmax co-founder and CEO Olof Mathe told me.” That’s what we do for external communication .”

While the service started out as a basic Chrome extension for Gmail, it’s now a full-blown email automation arrangement that offers everything from easy calendar sharing to moving when recipients open an email and , now, structure principles around that. Mathe likened it to an executive auxiliary, but he stressed that he doesn’t think Mixmax is taking anybody’s jobs away.” We’re not here to change other beings ,” he said.” We enlarge what you are able to do as an individual and give you superpowers so you can become your own personal joint chiefs of staff so you get more age .”

The new governs boast takes this to the next elevation and Mathe and his squad plan to build this out more over day. He tantalized a brand-new facet announced ” animal procedure” that’s coming in the near future and that will see Mixmax propose actions you can take across different works, for example.

Many of the new the provisions and connectors will be available to all paying users, though some aspects, like better access to your Salesforce account, will only be available to those on higher-tier plans.

Mixmax collects $10.35 M to improve email

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